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“Nisekoi Majikore!?” Marika Outfit Collection

Nisekoi’s “Majikore” mobile game gives each of the four girls a collection of less than sexy, to rather so, costumes to model all for otaku to gawk at brainlessly. The Marika fanatics have managed to unlock all of her outfits, most of which are inferior to Chitoge’s, no matter, she does have one or two intriguing ensemble choices.


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“Fate/Kaleid Liner” Steamy Blu-Ray Boxes


Among all tokutens that have been released along with the Blu-rays for the first season of Silver Link’s incredibly tantalizing service show Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya, the handiest ones are certainly the boxes. With them, you’re sure to have all your precious optical media gathered in one place, and you’ll never lose your dearest treasures.

These repositories are made primarily to safely keep your favorite loli fanfare anime so you can drool all over Illya and Miyu whenever needed, but frankly these containers are quite delectable themselves. You certainly have to admire the gloriousness of Miyu’s pantsu on the forefront of this first one, with the rest being quite wonderful as well even though the platinum-haired heroine is wearing too much clothing.

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“Evangelion” Asuka Pantsu Collection

Evangelion Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku is a very visually pleasing manga spin-off parody that unfolds much in the same vein as To Love-Ru, only using Evangelion based humor, and of course, Evangelion characters. There’s indeed an abundance of pantsu and oppai. And across the, currently 16, available volumes, one will be welcomed with plenty of sweet Asuka Langley service.


She’s a classic tsundere who only seems to get sweeter with age, the definition of kinpatsu splendor. Below are pages taken out across the whole of the available volumes of this series, a small handpicked collection of predominantly Asuka dominated -and more specifically- Asuka lower body oriented, shimapan centric gratuity.

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Polyphonica’s Irresistable Comiket 85 Goods


Ocelot/Catwalk’s Comiket 85 package is a Polyphonica fanatic’s dream come true, and a heavenly gift for any who admire beautiful girls. The usual postcard calendar has some repeated illustrations from previous creations and a substantial insert of Catwalk visual novel Sousouki Reginald, but the presence of the one true Corticarte is exquisitely prevalent.

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Polyphonica Perserte Avatar Artwork

  • Monday, January 20th 2014 | Misc

Another Polyphonica Pixiv artwork, this one comes made with the intention of a Twitter avatar, featuring the face of the series’ hit blonde character. It’s an up-close and exquisite sketch which accurately recreates a Noboru Kannatsuki style Perserte.


Polyphonica Pixiv Art: Feisty Corticarte In Dress

  • Sunday, January 19th 2014 | Misc


This Polyphonica themed Pixiv illustration features a flaming hot Corticarte, posing with plenty of zest, visual style emitting a feisty feeling, and fashion as fantastic as always. This is her oft-seen dress, and the artist did it justice as he did Corticarte herself.

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Polyphonica Pixiv Art: Corticarte Summer Dress Collage


A brilliant idea with beautiful payout, a Pixiv artist “T 3 $” collaged a series of gorgeous illustrations displaying Corticarte sporting a loose, lovely summer dress, with a free and fun tinkering personality. The concept plays off the splendid aesthetic styles of the anime’s ED sequence – replicating the abstract appearance and outgoing mood, and encapsulating it in a single work of art.

Sexy Autographed Corticarte Bikini Illustration

  • Friday, January 17th 2014 | Misc

I stumbled upon this stunning autographed sketch of Corticarte in her white frilly bikini from Polyphonica After School, illustrated and signed of course by none other than Noboru Kannatsuki.


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Polyphonica Pixiv Art: Fluffy Corticarte In Seifuku

  • Friday, January 17th 2014 | Misc

This is such a wonderful artwork, Corticarte’s cuteness is emitted with deep crimson colors. The artist was excellent in spreading light appropriately to capture the silken feel of her hair, giving it a fluffy feeling of layers, and an overwhelming aura of elegance as it surrounds her beautiful visage. She’s sporting the ever-sexy Polyphonica seifuku, and looks sublime!


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Polyphonica Pixiv Art: Corticarte Valentine’s Day

  • Thursday, January 16th 2014 | Misc

Deciding to start posting one fanmade Polyphonica artwork everyday, and of course, most will feature Corticarte and typically come from Pixiv. And so below, we have the first lovely artwork – an illustration capturing crimson cuteness Corticarte Apa Lagranges in her loli form, with a Valentine’s chocolate seasonal sweetness.


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